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Earn $150 To $750 Week

Hello Friends All
   I am holding a training session within the next 14 to 30 days. I can accept  5 -7 people. View next meet up date
   You can be earning good money after 2 weeks after two Weekend training sessions. Next meeting will be at Altona Meadows. Mostly events are on Saturday 10am - 4 pm However occasionally they are held on Sundays.
   You can easily earn $150 To $750 a week.  Do two training sessions a week and you would earn $1000 plus a week.
   This is not a tyre kickers opportunity, it's only for people who really want to have a lot more freedom and are dedicated to earn good income..
   If you have an existing job or online opportunity you can still keep do this.
   In fact;  this will more than triple the sign-ups or sales you get now from all your own opportunities.
   There is a one time fee of $285  approx via credit card or paypal paid on the day..  This can be recouped in a very short period of time, just weeks.
   Please telephone me for more information.  03 93607375 or Skype rexiedexie1
   Do not pass this up ... See this video.  It may be the only opportunity you get to do this.
   We will help you sign your prospects up.
   Regards Michael Clayton (google search the word rexiedexie)
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